Enterovirus D68

Recently, the media have been reporting on the spread of the Enterovirus D68. Infants, children and teenagers are most susceptible to this virus. It is not an airborne virus but can only be caught through physical contact of surfaces or through coughs and sneezes of someone with the virus.

The medical and cleaning staff at General McLane have been monitoring the situation. They want parents to know that this is not a virulent strain of a virus, and simple hand washing with soap for 20 seconds will kill the virus. For most children, symptoms are mild like a cough and cold, but persons with pre-existing respiratory problems are likely to have a more severe reaction.

We want parents to know that our daily cleaning protocol cleans the surfaces that students contact daily. All student areas are also equipped with hand disinfectant dispensers.

Click this link to get all the details on this virus. If everyone does their part to stress hand washing with children, we may be able to avoid a significant spread of the virus.

Welcome to the 2014-2015 New Teachers!

General McLane School District begins this school year with 15 new teachers.  We gladly welcome them into the District and look forward to their contributions to student achievement and growth!

For the new teachers’ names and assignments, please visit the attached pdf.

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